Black Friday sales starting Thursday night

Thanksgiving is a day to eat, watch football and take a long nap -- not for shopping. But this year, numerous stores are opening Thurday night. Does that mean Black Friday is turning into Black Thursday?

Target is one of the stores in Gwinnett County that is opening at midnight. Discover Mills Mall is opening then as well, while the Mall of Georgia and Gwinnett Place Mall are sticking with tradition by opening at 4 a.m.

"We're trying to keep current with our competitors and the other retail outlets to see what they are doing," said Brittany Peler, Target store team leader in Lawrenceville. "We're planning for a big success, but it's a matter of our usual 4 a.m. guests switching to (midnight) guests."

Besides accommodating items on the shelves, the stores also work carefully to make sure the shoppers are safe and satisfied.

"We are looking at our staffing, crowd control plans, make sure we have great plans in place for our team to help the guests," Peler said. "We offer two day maps, that tell (customers) where all the doorbusters are, so they can be prepared."

For the people who "won't leave the house on Friday," there are just as many people eager to shop until they drop.

"I come out on Black Friday for the insanity. We go because it's always been an instilled mother-daughter tradition that has been passed down," Brenda Densem of Lawrenceville said. "We'll go out for the midnight shopping if there's something that we're really after, just for the fun of -- to say we did it. 6 a.m. shopping is early enough for me."

There are even some travelers who are planning to brave the crowds tomorrow.

"I don't go (to Black Friday) every year, but I plan to go this year," Regina Miller of The Villages, Fla. said. "We will be visiting our son in North Carolina, so we are planning on going. We will probably go to a few stores, like Target, Kohl's and Stein Mart."

Here's a list of retail outlets with their opening hours for those creating "battle plans:"

-- Toys R Us: 9 p.m.

-- Brandsmart: 10 p.m.

-- Walmart: 10 p.m.

-- Target: Midnight

-- Best Buy: Midnight

-- Kohl's: Midnight

-- Discover Mills Mall: Midnight

-- Belk: 3 a.m.

-- Mall of Georgia: 4 a.m.

-- Gwinnett Place Mall: 4 a.m.

-- Stein Mart: 6 a.m.