Police: 8 Occupy Atlanta protesters arrested

ATLANTA (AP) — A police spokesman says eight Occupy Atlanta protesters were arrested after they blocked traffic in downtown Atlanta.

Carlos Campos says six men and two women were arrested Thursday afternoon and taken to Atlanta City Detention Center.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports (http://bit.ly/szlTdK ) that about 20 protesters were walking past Georgia State University on their way to the Capitol for a rally when the eight were arrested on charges of obstruction.

The newspaper reports hundreds of students lined the sidewalks watching the protesters pass and afraid to cross the street because officers warned that anyone who stepped into the roadway would be arrested.

Occupy groups in cities around the country planned actions on Thursday as they called for a national day of action, with hundreds marching in New York and Los Angeles.


kevin 3 years, 6 months ago

I bet the police will not let you "march" in the streets without a permit so why have these idiots been allowed to not only march, but set up shop, in a public place? I wonder if any carried a religous sign on public property? Would they have been allowed to keep it there out of "fear?" But then again, this bunch only carried hate signs. Most are not educated people because they would be marching on the White House and Fannie/Freddie Mae, the sources of the problem in the first place.


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