Former inmate attacked deputy at Walmart, is deported

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A former Gwinnett County Jail inmate was arrested recently for assaulting a Sheriff's Department employee at Walmart whom he'd had a beef with behind bars, authorities said.

Boyma Collins, 32, is accused of approaching an off-duty deputy at a Lawrenceville Walmart on Collins Hill Road last summer and punching him in the kidney area.

The 51-year-old deputy was with his family at the time, said Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Stacey Bourbonnais.

Collins was tracked down to a home in Loganville and arrested Oct. 26. A native of Liberia, he was released last week to immigration and customs enforcement officials -- for the second time this year.

Collins had been jailed in Gwinnett for nearly four years beginning in 2006 on multiple charges of burglary, simple assault and a probation violation, records show.

He was handed over to immigration authorities in May 2010, about year before the alleged attack on the deputy. Bourbonnais was unsure what became of Collins after that.

Federal immigration officials could not be reached for comment Wednesday.


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