Schools partner to feed hungry

SNELLVILLE -- Students at Pharr Elementary and Grayson Technical Program are all learning a little about society this week as they prepare a joint collaboration to feed the hungry.

Both schools are doing their part to make a meal possible for 600 people on Thursday, who walk through the doors of Pharr Elementary.

In the past, Pharr Elementary has received donated soup from a grocery store chain. Because the chain could not donate soup this year, Grayson Technical Program's chef, Matt Neal, stepped up.

His students will prepare the soup for the Empty Bowls dinner, while students of Pharr will create and decorate the bowls in Darika Stevens' art class.

Grayson Technical Program Assistant Principal Jennifer Fero said it's a learning experience for students at both schools.

"It's not only educating the young elementary kids about the problem of hunger, but it's also educating our junior and seniors at Grayson about giving this time of year."

Fero said there will be enough food for all who walk through the door from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday at Pharr Elementary, 1500 North Road, Snellville.

For more information, visit www.emptybowls.net.