Downtown Duluth projects praised

DULUTH -- Duluth's downtown is a "development of excellence."

The first phase of the revitalization project was recently given the title by the Atlanta Regional Commission, winning the award in the category of exceptional merit for context-sensitive infill.

"The Developments of Excellence jury found that Duluth struck a perfect balance between old and new with this downtown project, tying the old part of Main Street to the new city hall and amphitheater, with thoughtful location and design. The two-story, 61,000 square-foot building provides Duluth's residents with attractive office space and new retail capacity, while minimizing the visibility of the necessary parking by placing it to the side, behind and beneath the new building," a press release said, praising the work of Stantec Consultants and Mathias Corporation. "Duluth's downtown is frequently cited as a successful example of ARC's Livable Centers Initiative program."

The city also got praise at the 12th annual Golden Shoe Awards, giving Duluth the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Award from PEDS, a pedestrian advocacy group.

The award was given for the Davenport Road project, which added new sidewalks, curb, gutter, drainage and paving on a half-mile section of Davenport from Buford Highway to the city limits at Bromley Road. The project was completed in July, three months ahead of schedule.

"This is just another example of your pennies at work," a press release said of the sales tax funded project. "In addition to the safety benefits of the project, many property owners have been inspired to paint, landscape, and improve their properties along this road."

The City Council will be presented the award at its meeting Monday.


jjbod1 3 years, 8 months ago

Now if only they can figure out a way to truly clean up the Gwinnett Place Mall Dump, and surrounding area. A good step in the right direction would be signs in ENGLISH so that 95% of the rest of the population could read them.


Readallaboutit 3 years, 8 months ago

At the very least, the city of Duluth should consider enacting a bilingual sign requirement. This would make it easier for non-Asian first responders to locate businesses in the event of an emergency.


Mack711 3 years, 8 months ago

The downtown area is nice, if only someone coming in from out of town can find it. It is hard for some to locate and find parking. The area is small compared to other cities. Should have demolished Proctor Square and built it there instead of where it is now. Buford highway would have been a better location. As for signage, should be in English frist then another language below it.


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