LETTERS: Shame on Cal Thomas

Shame on Thomas playing blame game

Shame on Cal Thomas for his politics of personal destruction aimed at women, the media, and Democrats ("'Politics of personal destruction' aimed at Cain'," Nov. 9, 8A).

Let us not forget, Mr. Thomas, that Mr. Cain is running as a Republican candidate for president. As a result, he receives the level of scrutiny as anyone else running for president. But Mr. Thomas, as Mr. Cain, would rather play the blame game to a tee. I ask Mr. Thomas why would five women expose themselves to scrutiny by the national media, the right-wing smear machine, and the embarrassment of relating incidents of sexual harassment by Herman Cain? Do you really believe that Herman Cain is a saint as he denies ever doing anything inappropriate to anyone?

Mr. Cain's vague blanket denials are very hard to believe. There is more than hearsay and innuendo, Mr. Thomas. If the allegations of sexual harassment can be corroborated and verified, will you have the courage to admit you were wrong?

Probably not.

-- Torin Togut,



rco1847 3 years, 3 months ago

Herman Cain: Coming soon to a wife in your neighnorhood.


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