LETTERS: 'Occupy' protesting the wrong group

I want to discuss this rising "Occupy Wall Street" phenomenon. I can understand that the people might feel the system is unfair to the "99 percent," but I question why they would choose to rally against Wall Street itself. If it is anybody's fault why the economy has set us in classes this way, it is the government's.

This distribution of wealth is going to be natural in any type of free market economy, and if they have a problem with where they stand, they should either work harder to reach the top or rally against the ones who are in charge of the regulation. The reason Wall Street hasn't collapsed is solely because of government subsidies, and yet they feel that the Wall Street bankers are the only ones to blame.

Sure, they caused quite a mess, but it was the government who failed to regulate the market and ultimately the government who bailed them out after their deregulation led to an economic crisis. I am impressed with "Occupy" group's initiative to exercise its free speech and right to question, but puzzled on how clear its ideas are.

-- Camden Mitchell,