Norcross approves rezoning portion of Veridian office park

NORCROSS -- City leaders Monday approved the rezoning of a portion of Veridian office park at 6825 Jimmy Carter Blvd. The entire development is currently only 20 percent occupied. Built in 1975, the park is architecturally dated. On the 10+ acres involved, the applicant plans to build a fitness center, restaurants, a market and other such retail attractions to the area. A RaceTrac fueling station/market is also on the drawing board for the re-development.

Attorney Lee Tucker asked Mayor Bucky Johnson and council members to allow the possibility of a fast-food restaurant with or without a drive-through in, stipulating that the applicant would have to go before city council again for approval or denial. Without that condition, such a retail use would be prohibited.

Council members approved the rezoning and allowed for the possibility of a fast-food restaurant/drive-throughs (by coming before council again), as well as providing sidewalk guidelines.Dogs will be allowed in city parksFollowing Monday's council vote, leashed pets will now be allowed in city parks -- only on paved, non-restricted areas. A long-standing city ordinance prohibited any pets in city parks.

Councilman Charlie Riehm proposed the measure Monday, stating that the proposal is a compromise between the county ordinance which allows leashed pets, and the city ordinance which had completely prohibited them.

Riehm proposed allowing pets on paved areas only, simply because ensuring "poop-scooping" is easier on a paved surface rather than grassed areas. "It will still be a self-policing effort," Riehm said.

The policy will be revisited in 60 months.