LETTERS: E-SPLOST vote will keep GCPS system world class

On Tuesday voters will decide whether to extend the most important Education SPLOST penny sales tax, which will continue to provide new classroom construction, transportation improvements and technology upgrades for Gwinnett's world-class public school system. E-SPLOST IV, if extended, is expected to generate greater than $875 million in revenues over the next five years to construct five new schools, 500 classrooms and numerous earmarked education enhancements.

During the past 15 years, E-SPLOST programs have successfully funded the new construction of 46 Gwinnett area schools. However, unlike previous extensions, E-SPLOST IV will expend up to 50 percent of the collected revenue toward digital technology upgrades like eCLASS, which will significantly reduce the need and cost for textbooks. The continuance of this penny tax is critical for maintaining the legacy of academic excellence in our county's outstanding public school district.

From a business perspective, Gwinnett County Public Schools is often the crown jewel and cornerstone for attracting new industry and higher paying jobs to our community, which affords the area an enhanced quality of life. Please vote yes in Tuesday's referendum to demonstrate that Gwinnett Kids do Count.

-- Bill Russell,