Aurora Theatre nominated for 16 Suzi Bass Awards

Atlanta -- On Monday night, the Aurora Theatre of Lawrenceville learns how many Suzi Bass Awards it will take back to the performance center. The Aurora is nominated for 16 awards in the play, musical and design categories.

"The Aurora Theatre continues to challenge the audience with its productions," said John Waymire, vice-chair and coordinator of the event. "Ann-Carol (Pence) and Tony (Rodriguez) continue to choose programs that reflect challenging works. They have children's works and things in Spanish, which is important in the ever-changing community. They really are producing great work and are providing much-needed service to Lawrenceville."

In the acting community, being nominated for a Suzi is quite an honor. For those who don't know about the awards, they were founded in 2003 by artists mourning death of Suzi Bass, a well-known local actress who performed on numerous Atlanta stages and passed away in 2002

"The (awards) celebrate the 21 professional theaters in (and around) Atlanta and continues to grow every year," Waymire said. "The goal of the organization is to promote art ... in Atlanta."

Not just any theater can be part of the Suzis -- there are certain criteria to be filled. The theaters must have the legal rights to plays before they can perform them, they need at least 12 showings of a play and each crew member has to be paid every week.

"It's all about the professional theaters," Waymire said, explaining why most community theaters aren't included in the competition.

Three other theaters hold more nominations than the Aurora. The Alliance Theatre has 30, Atlanta Lyric Theatre has 21 and Horizon Theatre has 19.

For more information about the Suzi Bass Awards, visit www.suziawards.org.