Taxes, smarth growth focus for Loganville candidates

LOGANVILLE -- Candidates with varied backgrounds but mostly similar political views are vying for three of six seats on the Loganville City Council in Tuesday's election.

Common focuses among candidates include keeping taxes in check and situating Loganville's infrastructure for future growth and business expansion.

Five candidates are running for three at-large seats in the nonpartisan race. The top three vote-getters will serve four-year terms. City council meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. the second Thursday of every month.

Voters will see a referendum on ballots for Sunday alcohol sales both by the drink and retail for beer and wine, election officials said.

Loganville City Council (three seats available)

Name: Lee Baliles

Age: 64

Occupation: Retired retail manager

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business management from Western Carolina University

Political Experience: None

Family: Wife, Gerry; daughters, Lisa and Tara; and son, Brian

Name: Dan Curry

Age: 62

Occupation: Retired church administrator

Education: Some college

Political Experience: One term on Loganville City Council; Loganville Planning and Development Commission

Family: Wife, Nancy; two daughters

Name: Wendell Geiger

Age: 68

Occupation: Retired general manager, Walton County Water and Sewage Authority

Education: Not provided

Political Experience: Nine terms on Loganville City Council

Family: Wife, Peggy Allgood (deceased); son, Vince

Name: Mike Jones

Age: 69

Occupation: Lawyer, Jones Law Firm

Education: Bachelor’s degree from University of Georgia; Juris Doctor from Woodrow Wilson College of Law

Political Experience: Former Loganville mayor (eight years) and member of Loganville City Council.

Family: Wife, Ann; sons, Michael Jr., Austin

Name: Jerry Price

Age: 62

Occupation: Retired from Atlanta Police Department

Education: High school

Political Experience: Eight years on Loganville City Council

Family: Wife, Teresa; three adult children

Lee Baliles believes his long career in retail management -- specifically in the human resources and operations aspects of the job -- will lend itself to serving the Loganville community. He counts his "progressive" stance on issues as an attribute.

"We must find a way to lower taxes and fees by attracting businesses to Loganville to help share the tax burden for our citizens," Baliles said.

Retired church administrator and sitting councilman Dan Curry said his recent retirement will allow him to devote more time to another term. He's a strong supporter of parks and community festivals that strengthen the city's fabric, but he knows a "business-friendly city" is key to making those amenities possible.

"I'll continue to promote wise planning," Curry said.

Longtime councilman Wendell Geiger, retired from the Walton County Water and Sewage Authority, counts a sufficient water supply among his top priorities, in addition to taxes and job creation. He's maintained an accessibility for citizens during a 16-year council tenure, he said.

"We have only had one millage rate increase in the past 10 years and we want to keep it that way," Geiger said.

Former Loganville mayor and councilman Mike Jones, an attorney, said the fact he's the only non-retired candidate is indicative of his personal drive. Jones has specific ideas for traffic relief and wants to reduce the size of city government and cut city spending by 10 percent each of the next two years, he said.

Jones wants "to keep the same small-town values which make Loganville unique, while embracing controlled growth that will benefit the city," he said.

Two-term incumbent councilman Jerry Price, an Atlanta Police Department retiree, wants to maintain a high standard for Loganville's increasing population when it comes to public safety and fire services, he said. In terms of taxes, Price said he's focused on making sure citizens get the most from spent tax dollars.

"My background in public safety and ... my integrity and character cannot be compromised," he said.


HonestIngine 3 years, 11 months ago

Look out Loganville, when someone tells you his integrity and character cannot be compromised, that's when you need to worry. What's up with that statement? Is there anybody in Loganville under the age of 60 and not retired. Dang, Mike your 69, don't care if your still working or not, its your choice. You will need businesses to support all the elderly.


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