LETTERS: Keep your dogs on a leash so all can enjoy parks

Leash dogs so all can enjoy parks

I am an indivual who is fortunate to live close to a neighborhood park, one that I can visit and watch the daily changes of the leaves and water with my four-legged friend in Gwinnett County. The park is just gorgeous every day of the year.

What is not gorgeous is walking as an unleashed dog comes running toward you barking. Usually the owners will reach for their dog and place it on a lead or hold onto it until we cross. But there have been times when I have had to turn and go in a different direction because the owner could not get to their dog fast enough or chose not to restrain their dog.

I've heard all the excuses -- friendly, won't hurt a flea, bark is louder than its bite, they are good dogs, etc. Say what you want, pet owners, but it only takes a moment in time for the voice command not to work.

My pet is the friendliest, most loving and social dog you would ever want to meet. Yet I keep her on a lead. Why? Because I care about her and others. I understand that while I know this about my dog, others do not. I respect the rules that are in place at all Gwinnett County Parks. The rules are in place so that each visitor to the park can have a memorable, enjoyable time.

I am choosing to be responsible and to not be selfish about my own wants. Please join me and keep your dogs on a lead.

-- Diana Godemann,

Stone Mountain