LETTERS: Family Promise also helping homeless

Last week an article appeared in your paper ("Humor Helping Homeless, Oct. 29, 1A") covering an event sponsored by the Salvation Army of Gwinnett and featuring Jeff Foxworthy. The purpose of the event was to raise money and create awareness for their Home Sweet Home program supporting the homeless families of Gwinnett County.

As someone who also advocates helping the homeless population within our county, I want to point out that for the past seven years; there has been a shelter program in our county — Family Promise. I am currently the board president of Family Promise of Gwinnett County, a program assisting homeless children and their families. Our program is similar to that being offered by the Salvation Army, with the exception that we use faith-based congregations of Gwinnett County to provide the evening shelter for our guests. We have been operating our program for almost seven years, and although we consider what we do as a hospitality program, it accomplishes the same goals as the Salvation Army.

I am by no means trying to minimize anyone's efforts, as there is a bigger need in Gwinnett County than we all can fill. I would just like to just point out there is another program for families.

It appears that Family Promise and the Home Sweet Home program of the Salvation Army are based on 30 to 90 days of assistance. Please note that beginning Nov. 7, SaltLight Center, a program of Family Promise, will begin assisting homeless women and children by providing a "true" emergency shelter. This will be the first true homeless emergency shelter in Gwinnett County.

For further information on how you can support this program, you can go to the Family Promise of Gwinnett County website at www.familypromisegwinnett.org or contact director Carol Karpf at 770-885-2947 or email her at slc@familypromisegwinnett.org

-- Tom Cioffi,