4 more schools meet AYP

SUWANEE -- Despite some improvement from initial reports, the Gwinnett County Public School system did not meet Adequate Yearly Progress for 2011.

Final results released Wednesday by the state department of education indicated that 82.5 percent of Gwinnett County's public schools met the state's accountability goals, compared to 89 percent in 2010 and 99 percent in 2009.

The final number included four schools previously not reported as making AYP that have now met the standards after the state's summer recalculations: Creekland Middle, McConnell Middle, Duluth High and Ferguson Elementary.

The summer recalculations included appeals, summer graduates and summer retest scores for Criterion-Referenced Competency Test and the Georgia High School Graduation Test.

"Student success in summer instructional programs has resulted in four additional Gwinnett schools meeting the rising standards for Adequate Yearly Progress," said Dale Robbins, associate suprintendent of teaching and learning support. "We are proud of this achievement which reflects our commitment to focusing on the individual academic needs of all students."

Of 126 Gwinnett schools required to meet state standards, 104 made AYP for the 2010-11 school year.

Of Gwinnett's 22 schools that did not make AYP, four faced consequences because they did not make AYP for at least two consecutive years: Berkmar High, Phoenix High, Sweetwater Middle and Hopkins Elementary.

Berkmar High is considered to be in "corrective action" and is offering public school choice student transfers and Title I-funded services.

Phoenix High is considered to be in "state directed" status. As an open campus facility, students have choice through the open campus option.

Of the Gwinnett schools that did not make AYP, four were elementary schools, eight were middle schools and nine were high schools. One was an alternative school.

The schools are Hopkins Elementary, Anderson-Livsey Elementary, Cooper Elementary, Peachtree Elementary, Sweetwater Middle, Duluth Middle, Five Forks Middle, Grace Snell Middle, Lilburn Middle, Radloff Middle, Pinckneyville Middle, Summerour Middle, GIVE Center East, Berkmar High, Phoenix High, Central Gwinnett High, Dacula High, Lanier High, Meadowcreek High, Norcross High, Parkview High and South Gwinnett High.

Throughout the state, the percentage of schools that made AYP was 72.7 percent, down from 77.2 percent in 2010.

Adequate Yearly Progress is the formula used to determine if schools are meeting expectations under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. NCLB consists of three parts: test participation, academic achievement and another statistic called a "second indicator." Elementary and middle schools typically use school attendance as their second indicator, while high schools use their graduation rate.

Under the federal rule, the academic goals continue to rise every few years toward a goal of 100 percent proficiency for all students by 2014. All students at a school, as well as any qualifying subgroup of students, must meet goals in all three categories in order to make AYP.

Schools that do not make AYP for two consecutive years in the same subject are placed in Needs Improvement status and face escalating consequences.


Ahelmstetter 2 years, 5 months ago

Where do I find the breakdown on the components and subgroups that missed AYP?


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