Dacula candidates agree city needs economic growth



DACULA -- While they may disagree on some matters, the three candidates vying for a seat on Dacula's city council seem to hold one common belief: Dacula needs economic growth.

Incumbent Tim Montgomery, who has held the post for six years, said that for the municipality to realize economic growth it must first have more infrastructure.

"For instance, we've got to have sewer development, and currently Gwinnett County has no plans to develop sewer here," said Montgomery, a 53-year-old veterinarian.

"Without sewer in the area, we're not going to see any economic development," he said.

When Dacula voters go the polls on Nov. 8, they can elect either Montgomery, Vanessa Hall Green or Hubert Wells for a four-year city council seat term.

Green said she too wants to see economic growth.

"We need to have more business come to Dacula," said Green, a 55-year-old freelance writer. "We need to make it a more modern city as well."

Wells agreed.

He said that economic growth is important as well as "controlling that growth."

Wells also said getting sewer in the city is of great importance. A plumber by profession, Wells held a post on the planning and zoning board for five years. He also has served on the city council, but had to resign when he decided to run for mayor.

Wells holds a master plumber's license and diplomas from Gwinnett Technical College.

Wells said Dacula residents should choose him because he votes "with common sense."

"I also vote my conscience on everything," Wells said.

Green said she chose to "get involved, because my town means a lot to me. I'm a grass roots kind of girl. I'm not a politician. I just wanted to help my town out."

Green has a bachelor's degree in English from Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, N.C.

She said she believes community interaction in government is key. She also considers herself a fiscal conservative.

"I want to squeeze that dime till it screams," Green said. "Our council could do a better job with that."

Current councilman Montgomery said he has a "vision for Dacula ... to be a place to not only raise your family but to have a high quality of life, and in order to do that, we need to see some economic development, and we have to have more infrastructure to fulfill that vision."

Montgomery holds a bachelor's degree in agriculture from the University of Georgia and a doctorate from the institution's college of veterinarian medicine.

Fellow Council person Susan Robinson, incumbent, is running unopposed for a separate seat.