LETTERS: What's on the inside, not guns, is what makes a woman sexy

You have to be kidding. So Ronda Rich thinks “Nothing is sexier than a woman with a gun”?

Women are sexy not because of what they wear nor what they carry on their hips; rather, they are attractive because of the beauty of their spirits. In this most violent of times locally, nationally and globally, why would any person — especially a female writer — stoop so low to assume that men are attracted to the most symbolic image of all weapons?

Yes, many men are infatuated with guns. But why?

I would suggest that as long as we live in a state of fear, many men — and I guess too many women — will praise their God for protecting them and will praise their weapons for the same reason. If we cannot see how ridiculous this is, then I’m sorry the world didn’t come to an end on Saturday.

— Bob Berlon