LETTERS: Buying American helps keep jobs in our country

I appreciate J.K. Murphy’s column concerning Americans buying American-made products. It’s a sad commentary on the times that we’d have to be reminded to buy American.

Many drive a foreign car and can’t see the American jobs that are lost with that purchase. And don’t consider you’ve bought American if the foreign car is manufactured here. The foreign car company’s profits go to its country, not ours.

Others will use the analogy that “one purchase won’t make that much difference” — but it will. The building industry and the hundreds of jobs radiating from it collapsed because the auto workers lost their jobs here because of foreign car purchases. Therefore they couldn’t buy a house. And it goes round and round like the spokes on a wheel.

Plain and simple, when you buy foreign you’re responsible for many of those out of work. Buying American will bring the jobs back here. Sounds simplistic, but it worked for hundreds of years and will work again. I think of it this way: I am only one, but I am one, and one can make a difference.

I’m doing my part to make a difference. Won’t you?

— Betty Stephens