Target murder jurors need third day

LAWRENCEVILLE — Jurors deciding whether or not they believe Joanna Hayes fatally shot her daughter-in-law will enter a third day of deliberations today.

For the second straight day, Gwinnett Superior Court Judge Warren Davis dismissed the panel about 5 p.m. Tuesday after no verdict was reached. Deliberations began Monday morning, following testimony that spanned a week and a half.

“As long as (jurors are) willing to keep working, there’s no limit to how long it can take,” said Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Dan Mayfield.

Jurors re-watched a video of Hayes’ son, Steven Strube Jr., giving a statement to police and listened again to a phone call in which he tells his mother he believes she fatally shot his estranged wife, based on surveillance footage, Mayfield said.

Strube later recanted those statements on the witness stand, saying he felt pressured by police.

Deliberations are expected to resume this morning. Hayes faces life in prison on murder and other charges in the killing of Heather Strube, who was gunned down in broad daylight in the parking lot of a Snellville Target retailer.