Suwanee traffic altered due to work

SUWANEE — The extension of McGinnis Ferry Road will reach a milestone Tuesday when traffic is expected to move onto a new roadbed for Old Peachtree Road.

Part of the $20.4 million construction project included the widening of Old Peachtree to a four-lane divided highway. Construction crews have finished two new lanes and have to shift traffic, so the asphalt can be removed from the older lanes to meet the new design.

“As those lanes finish, traffic will be split to run in one direction on each side of the median and two lanes will be opened in each direction,” said DOT District Construction Engineer Randall Davis.

The shift, which is expected to be complete by mid-afternoon Tuesday, if weather permits, is causing a safety concern, as a stop sign will be installed for Old Peachtree traffic at the site of the future intersection with Northbrook Parkway, a press release said.

“Traffic needs to stop because of very sharp curve, the sign ensures traffic slows enough to make the turn safely,” Davis said. “We want everyone who drives in the area to slow down next week and pay extra attention while driving since changes will happen. Remember, work zones can be dangerous places because they are continually changing.”

The work requires changes in the access from Old Peachtree Road to the Oriental Garden restaurant. The driveway to and from Old Peachtree Road will close Tuesday so the grade can be changed, but motorists can continue to access the restaurant from any of the three driveways along Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road, the release said.

The McGinnis Ferry extension project is 68 percent complete, the press release said, and is expected to be open to traffic by the end of September.