One Walton asks Loganville to join marketing efforts

LOGANVILLE -- Lee Garrett and Debra Smith, both representing One Walton, presented the organization's marketing and branding plan to Mayor Ray Nunley and City Council members Thursday evening, asking city leaders for their support of the countywide initiative.

One Walton was conceived and formed in 2008, and in 2010 representatives contracted with consulting firm Northstar to drive the branding ideas and process.

The idea is to attract businesses, professionals and homeowners to Walton County.

According to Garrett, "What they see has got to be positive."

The brand, which stars a stretching man and the tag line "stretch out," will be "subtly" incorporated into the community, Garrett said.

While Garrett stressed to city leaders Thursday that while One Walton is not attempting to tell Loganville how to market itself, a combined branding effort will pay off countywide.

Proclamation issued for motorcycle ride

Ride for America, a Memorial Day motorcycle ride that will travel through Loganville on May 30, will feature about 1,000 riders. The purpose of the ride is to pay homage to the nation's heroes in the armed forces, both at home and abroad. Nunley read an official city proclamation naming May 30 "Ride for America Day" in Loganville.

Lynch returns home

Former city councilman Capt. Michael Lynch attended Thursday's council meeting, and he presented Nunley with a framed flag that he placed atop a Baghdad castle formerly occupied by Saddam Hussein. Lynch said he and another soldier placed flags atop the castle in honor of their hometowns.

Rezoning approved

The 1-plus acre property located at 114 C.S. Floyd Road in Loganville was rezoned Thursday for Commercial Highway use. Applicant Randy Poynter plans to use the structure for an antique shop, agreeing to have all the trailers on the property removed by Aug. 31.


rco1847 2 years, 7 months ago

If the results aren't gauranteed I wouldn't mess with it. They want it unified so the cost for the program will be diluted. The local governments are getting the sales job shoved down their throats. I lived in Walton County for 16 years. The only magnet that drew people from outside the county was cheap housing and all the liquor store s that used to be in Walnut Grove. Now there's only one left. It is what it is.


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