County to mail corrected tax assessments

Photo by Brian Giandelone

Photo by Brian Giandelone

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Printer error has caused nearly 14,000 commercial property value assessments to be remailed.

For the first time this year, notices were mailed for valuations of all 13,944 commercial properties in the county.

But the notices, mailed Friday, should be disregarded. Instead, corrected notices will be issued on April 6.

"On behalf of Gwinnett County and the Board of Tax Assessors, I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this error may cause," Gwinnett County Tax Assessor Steve Pruitt said. "The county and the printing company recognizes the seriousness of this error, and they are working hard to make it right for all affected by the error."

A private printing company, Dove Mailing Inc. was responsible for the error, which caused different properties to be on the envelope than on the notice inside, said county spokeswoman Heather Sawyer. That company will bear the cost of the second mailing and also the cost of mailing out postcards to let the property owners know of the error.

In the meantime, commercial property owners can visit www.gwinnett-assessor.com and view their assessment notice.

As state law requires an appeals deadline be set for 45 days after the mailing of notices, the appeal deadline for commercial property will now be May 23.

Residential property notices are scheduled to be mailed to every county homeowner April 15.