MURPHY: Daily Deal adds value to the Post

Photo by Jason Braverman

Photo by Jason Braverman

Couponing has been a newspaper staple for generations. I remember my mother sitting at the dining room table, snipping coupons from the Indianapolis Star and then stuffing them into categorized envelopes. I also remember her sifting through those envelopes in the aisle of the grocer as she looked for the best deal on paper towels or pork and beans. Thirty-five cents here, a quarter there -- it added up.

Fast forward 40 years and couponing is as popular as ever, although today scissors are not necessarily required. Coupons, as many things in this world, have gone digital.

Which brings us to the latest coming attraction for the Daily Post. Beginning Tuesday, your local paper will bring you, along with your local news, weather and sports, a daily dose of a great local deal.

Daily Deal is an online bargain opportunity that exploits the latest technology offers. You can check out the bargain in the Daily Post's print edition or at gwinnettdailypost.com. If interested, you simply buy the deal online, print out the coupon and redeem at the participating merchant.

I won't be a spoiler and give away next week's offers, but let's just say the Daily Post sales staff has lined up an impressive list of offers from restaurants, a car wash, golf (real and miniature), etc.

There will be five deals offered each week -- a deal every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a Friday/Saturday deal and a Sunday/Monday deal.

Each deal will have a tipping point -- a required number of purchasers before the offer becomes valid. In most cases, the tipping point is 10. Once that number is reached, all buyers can take advantage of the offer as long as it remains online.

If remembering to check your delivered newspaper or visit our website for your Daily Deal is too much, you can sign up for email notification at www.gwinnettdailypost.com/dailydealsignup or you can sign up on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gwinnettdailydeal.

The coupon concept saw a renaissance of sort prompted by the recession. As the economy tanked, those seeking redemption (of coupons) took off. In 2007, 64 percent of shoppers said they used coupons regularly. Last year, that number had risen to 80 percent. When the economy was at its bleakest, one of our subscribers had 20 copies of the Sunday Daily Post delivered to her home in order to receive 20 copies of the freestanding coupon inserts. Now that's dedication to coupon clipping.

With the success of national digital offerings, such as Groupon, Living Social, Scoutmob and others, couponing has seen another revival, although industry analysts say online coupons still represent only a sliver of the 3.3 billion coupons redeemed last year.

What separates the Daily Post from these national groups is the same element we've applied to our news coverage -- it's local. The appeal of a deal diminishes if you have to drive downtown Atlanta or to Athens to reap its rewards. We'll keep Daily Deals as close to your neighborhood as possible. Remember, we launch Tuesday.

So it looks as though couponing will remain a staple of your newspaper as the world transitions from print to digital. I think mom would be OK with that.

J.K. Murphy is the publisher of the Gwinnett Daily Post. Email him at jk.murphy@gwinnettdailypost.com. For archived columns, go to www.gwinnettdailypost.com/jkmurphy.