PEOPLE IN BRIEF: Gabor sent to hospital after Liz Taylor death

Gabor sent to hospital after Liz Taylor death

LOS ANGELES -- Zsa Zsa Gabor's publicist said the shock of Elizabeth Taylor's death made Gabor fear she was next and sent her to the hospital with high blood pressure.

John Blanchette said the 94-year-old celebrity was watching the news Wednesday morning at her Los Angeles home when she learned her friend and one-time neighbor had died. Blanchette said Gabor was inconsolable and commented: "Oh, Jane Russell and Liz Taylor -- I'm next."

That's a reference to the common myth that celebrity deaths come in threes.

Blanchette said Gabor's blood pressure soared and she was taken to the hospital until Monday evening.

PG-13 version of 'King's Speech' to be released

NEW YORK -- "The King's Speech" has been washed out with soap.

The Weinstein Company announced Thursday that the Oscar best picture winner will be released in a PG-13 version. The original release of the film was rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for a handful of swears.

The Weinstein Company didn't say what edits were made to alter the rating.

The new cut will open April 1 on 1,000 screens, replacing the R-rated original. The long-rumored move is expected to widen the film's audience and help boost the box office, which has reached $132.9 million domestically.

Povich gives $1M to Penn for journalism

PHILADELPHIA -- Talk-show host Maury Povich is donating $1 million to support journalism programs at the University of Pennsylvania, his alma mater.

The gift establishes the Povich Fund for Journalism Programs, which will fund seminars and other events at Penn's Kelly Writers House.

Povich and his wife, Connie Chung, established a writer-in-residence program at the university's Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing in 2006.

Povich graduated from Penn in 1962.