Board weighs in on incorporation of Peachtree Corners

LAWRENCEVILLE — Commissioners asked legislators Tuesday to weigh the impact on the county government in discussions of creating a new city in the Peachtree Corners community.

In a resolution on the proposal, which has passed the state House and is now being mulled in the Senate, commissioners asked legislators to carefully consider revenues and services in the process.

Those issues are at the heart of a two-year-old lawsuit between Gwinnett and the 15 current cities in the county, which has left the governments with sanctions, including losing the use of radar guns to clock speeders.

But Commissioner Lynette Howard said Peachtree Corners residents would like a “city light” government, with the only services being planning and development, code enforcement and solid waste.

“We want to be the best partner we can with Gwinnett County,” said Howard, a former leader of the United Peachtree Corners Civic Association. “We aren’t fighting against the county. We’re saying we are going to be your biggest cheerleader.”

If the proposal makes it through the General Assembly and is approved by voters in a November referendum, the city would encompass the northwest corner of Gwinnett, next to the cities of Norcross and Berkeley Lake, as well as the city of Johns Creek in Fulton County. With 34,000 residents, it would be the largest city in Gwinnett.

Commissioner Mike Beaudreau said he had concerns about the revenue and service issues but hoped that the resolution mollified those.

“The folks over there do have a right to represent themselves,” he said.