Group to examine county workers' pay

Photo by Brian Giandelone

Photo by Brian Giandelone

LAWRENCEVILLE — With falling revenues and a shaky budget, officials have tapped an employee task force to look into pay and benefits for Gwinnett’s 4,600 staffers.

With personnel costs the biggest category in many department budgets, the group will study “all aspects of employee compensation,” including retirement, insurance plans, holiday policies and vacation and sick pay, a press release said.

“As governments across the country seek ways to operate more efficiently, the subject of employee compensation and benefits has been front-page news recently,” County Administrator Glenn Stephens said. “This task force will look at similar issues in our organization and make recommendations that all employees will then help prioritize later this year.”

Eleven employees were selected from most major departments, including representatives from the sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices and courts.

Earlier this month, commissioners instituted four furlough days to balance the county budget. The days had previously been established as holidays, including Independence Day, Labor Day, the day after Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas.

Commissioner Mike Beaudreau has said personnel costs should be cut by five percent.

“I fully support the creation of the task force and those employees who are serving on it, and I look forward to hearing the recommendations,” he said in the press release.