LETTERS: Lilburn has shown fair dealings with mosque

It is really irritating when those who do not live in Lilburn and have not bothered to educate themselves with facts feel qualified to speak publicly in support of such things as the Dar-E-Abbas mosque expansion.

As a resident of Lilburn, I have attended City Council meetings, including those concerning the mosque expansion. The reasons for denial of the Dar-E-Abbas request to change both our land use plan and our zoning ordinances have been clearly stated.

Land-use plans and zoning ordinances are put in place to preserve the quality of life of those who already live here. There is no law requiring any city to change them in order to accommodate a mosque expansion or any other detrimental business expansion, as far as I know.

Dar-E-Abbas has chosen to ignore the reasons their plan has not been approved and, instead, is accusing Lilburn of prejudice although they have worshiped here in peace for many years.

The attorney representing Dar-E-Abbas would serve them better if he were advising them to either submit plans suitable for the site or find another property that will accommodate them — in Lilburn or wherever such property is available. And those who do not live here should refrain from making public statements in support of something they know nothing about.

— Sarah Atkins