Snellville adopts events ordinance

SNELLVILLE — Snellville city leaders adopted a special events ordinance Monday night that allows businesses to buy special permits to sell alcohol outside their places of business or off site at special events in the city.

The ordinance puts Snellville “in the same position as the rest of Gwinnett county. It offers us another opportunity to bring in an event like Grayson’s Blues and Brews or Lawrenceville’s Rock ‘n Ribs Fest,” said councilman Tom Witts.

Councilman Mike Sabbagh cast the only vote against adopting the ordinance, citing Georgia DUI statistics.

Council adopts

ethics ordinance

City leaders also adopted an ethics ordinance Monday evening. The ordinance makes a 1990 ethics resolution passed by then mayor Emmett Clower and the city council members in office in 1990. According to city attorney Tony Powell, adopting the ordinance does not make the ethics regulations more binding, the action just brings the ethics issue to the forefront.

Councilwoman Kelly Kautz asked for one amendment to the ordinance before it was adopted, and that was to be clear that the ordinance went into effect Monday and was not retroactive to city leaders from years and administrations past.

“I think this is a good thing for the city,” Tod Warner said of the new ordinance.