LETTERS: Opinion columns from Washington Post don't help keep objectivity

I watched Ted Koppel frequently during the 1980s in addition to “The Tonight Show,” which I enjoyed immensely. “Nightline” got my attention and so did “Crossfire” on CNN during the early days of cable TV. Both shows were good and seemed to be based on honest reporting and good “journalism.”

However, I have to take exception to J.K. Murphy’s column (“Journalism requires pursuit of objectivity,” Feb. 27, Page 10A) in which Murphy states that MSNBC and Fox News are basically the same thing. MSNBC doesn’t come close to the professional journalistic standards of Fox News — thus its relative audience ratings.

I must wonder if Murphy’s equivocation of MSNBC to Fox News is the reason GDP readers have been recently subjected to an abundance of Washington Post opinion columns.

The Washington Post is a blatantly naked liberal propaganda media outlet. It gives a bad name to “journalism” due to the fictional, imaginary and non-fact-based nature of so many of their articles — similar to MSNBC.

If you think the Washington Post adds “balance” to the debate, it shows where your balance point is.

I suppose the right/left pendulum will swing back and forth forever in the United States. Hopefully the United States will be spared from repeating the same mistakes socialist Europe made during the previous century in spite of the Washington Post’s desires that we do so.

— Robert Davis