LETTERS: Huckaby owes apology to all Auburn fans for remarks on Newton

It is most unfortunate the impression Darrell Huckaby leaves when he uses words like “over the means of acquiring talented quarterback Cam Newton” and “bought and paid for” (“Grudges die hard in SEC football rivalries,” Feb. 19, Page 6A).

I’m sure I can speak for the majority of Auburn fans and alumni that a better choice of words could have been used. Until there is any proof to the contrary that any improprieties took place, it very unfair, disrespectful and irresponsible for anyone to make those kind of statements and tarnish the reputation of Auburn University and its athletic department.

Yes, the statements were used for descriptive purposes, and I feel Mr. Huckaby did not mean any intentional harm. But it still hurts and the connotation it leaves puts college football in a bad light.

An apology from Mr. Huckaby is owed the university, its alumni and fans.

— Rick Parker