Swimmer's body found in Lake Lanier

Photo by Kristen Ralph

Photo by Kristen Ralph

BUFORD — The body of a 33-year-old swimmer missing in Lake Lanier was found floating Monday morning near the area witnesses said he’d gone under two days prior.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources reported the body of Ciro Jimenez Beltron was discovered about 8 a.m. Monday near Buford Dam, where he was believed to have drowned late Saturday.

Gwinnett County Fire Department spokesman Lt. Eric Eberly said the body has been turned over to the Medical Examiner’s Office for further evaluation and determination of a cause of death.

Eberly said the victim was one of about 60 people who went to the lake for a baptism service on Saturday evening. Members of the group eventually realized that Beltron was missing.

Witnesses told authorities Beltron did not know how to swim and was not wearing a flotation device. He’d been missing for two hours by the time crews arrived, officials said.

Rescuers had searched for his body Saturday and Sunday, but called off their efforts due to darkness and divers finding nothing in specific areas.

Two dive teams, a K-9 service from Dawson County and the Army Corps of Engineers joined Gwinnett’s swift water rescue team in the search.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.