Reynolds only beacon of light in 'Lantern'

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1 1/2 stars out of 4

The latest Hollywood effort to bring yet another DC Comics super hero to the screen is, unfortunately, all hat and no cattle. In this case, it’s Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) who is recruited to the order of the Green Lantern via the ring of power that actually “selects” him when its former owner, Abin Sur, dies a brave death fighting evil in the universe.

Serious followers of the original comics tell me that the storyline is consistent with the comic books, and may be very interesting in that format. The movie, however, comes off as convoluted and confusing for those of us that are not avid followers.

Reynolds does his best to make his character charming, while Mark Strong (“Robin Hood,” “Sherlock Holmes”) as Sinestro, does his best with his role, and Peter Sarsgaard is interesting as the misguided doctor who becomes infected with the essence of fear that does combat with the “Lantern” prior to the hero’s meeting with Parallax — the deadly immortal arch villain.

All in all, the whole thing comes off as clumsy and flat while the “fearless” hero’s spend way too much time setting up the inevitable sequel. My advice is save your money and wait for the video, if you must.

— Steve Kalberg, Lawrenceville

1 star out of 4

“The Green Lantern” is DC Comics big screen blockbuster from comic book page to the big screen. Problem for me was that it was all flat.

Ryan Reynolds did a respectable job with the very poor screenplay he was given. Co-starring Blake Lively and Tim Robbins, it’s the dastardly freakish “I’m a villan because my daddy doesn’t love me” Peter Sarsgaard who really shines.

“Green Lantern” will appeal to 14-year-old boys everywhere, and the male gamers who’ve never grown up. In my opinion, this movie should come to an immediate screeching halt at the next red light.

— Myra Simons, Buford

4 stars out of 4

I think “Green Lantern” was a very good movie. It is about Hal becoming the comic book superhero Green Lantern. Hal is the first human chosen by the ring and must save the planet from Parallax.

— Bryce Wright, Lawrenceville