Father's Day invasion suspects still loose

Photo by Brian Giandelone

Photo by Brian Giandelone

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Every time the doorbell rings at his home, the 2-year-old son of Josh Evans now shouts "bad guy, bad guy," looking for somewhere to hide.

Just after midnight Sunday -- less than 30 minutes into Father's Day -- four men kicked down the door at the home on Park Creek Circle in Lawrenceville, forcing his mother and father to the floor as the youngster scrambled to hide in a closet.

One armed with what turned out to be a BB gun and another with a baseball bat, the suspects described as four black men ransacked the house, taking everything they could before Evans chased them off with a samurai sword.

"It was a major shock to me at first, but once I realized they were terrifying my wife (upstairs), the initial shock wore off and I just started getting angry," Evans said.

"I just didn't want any harm to happen to my wife or child. The baby heard the commotion. He's 2 years old. He jumped down off the bed and ran into the closet and was waiting there."

According to police reports, the four men rang the doorbell, stirring Evans from bed. As he grabbed the souvenir sword and peered through a window, the suspects kicked the door in, forcing him to the ground with what Evans originally thought was a rifle.

The men -- reportedly yelling "this is Rico Gang" throughout the incident -- held the BB gun to the head of Evans' wife as she begged them to let her retrieve her child. They stole cell phones, wallets, credit cards, jewelry, laptops and gaming systems.

Reports describe broken flower pots and shattered door frames.

The four men, believed between ages18 and 22, were leaving the house with a flat-screen TV and the keys to Evans' car before he began chasing them, sword swinging.

They dropped the TV and car keys as they fled on foot, Evans said.

No suspects had been identified or arrested as of Wednesday evening.

"They're still traumatized," Evans' mother, Joan Barnes, said. "I'm affected by it too, and I wasn't even there."