PEOPLE IN BRIEF: 'Jackass' star dies in crash

'Jackass' star dies in crash

PHILADELPHIA -- ''Jackass'' star Ryan Dunn, who along with his cast mates made Americans cringe and snicker through vulgar stunts in their multimillion-dollar TV and movie franchise, was killed early Monday in a fiery car crash. He was 34.

Dunn, a daredevil who gained notoriety for diving into a sewage tank and performing other unsavory stunts, was driving his 2007 Porsche in suburban Philadelphia when it careened off the road, flipped over a guardrail and crashed into the woods before bursting into flames. A passenger was also killed, and speed may have been a factor in the crash, West Goshen Township police said.

The force of impact shattered the vehicle into several twisted and blackened pieces, leaving the Porsche 911 GT3 unrecognizable except for a door that was thrown from the crash and not incinerated.

Satellite radio to feature Carlin

NEW YORK -- The late George Carlin's comedy will come alive again this weekend.

Sirius XM Radio Inc. said Monday it will air a special channel devoted to Carlin's comedy this weekend. Carlin died three years ago, on June 22, 2008, at age 71. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the making of his album ''FM & AM.''

The channel will air several of Carlin's routines, including the classic ''Seven Words You Can Never Say on TV.'' Because it is a subscription-based satellite radio channel, Sirius has no problem playing the profanity-laced routine.

Winehouse tour in doubt

LONDON -- The video is painful to watch, an artistic train wreck for all to see. The question is what Amy Winehouse is going to do next.

The five-time Grammy Award winner, whose battles with alcohol and drug abuse have long overshadowed her music career, had a very public meltdown on stage Saturday night in Belgrade, the first stop of her European summer concert tour.

The disastrous performance shattered the goal of the troubled singer's comeback tour: A renewed focus on her musical ability, not her substance abuse problems.