'Arabian Nights' coming to New Dawn Theatre

DULUTH — “Arabian Nights” will be playing at the Duluth New Dawn Theater Company today and next week, Thursday through Sunday.

The play, which is based on the story “One Thousand and One Nights,” plays Thursday though Saturday at 8 p.m. and at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sundays.

“We just opened the one weekend, and it is a summer short play,” said Sherry Ingbritsen, New Dawn president and Artistic Director. “It is two acts but the whole play in total is only about an hour and a half. It’s very colorful, the costumes are colorful, the characters run from the ages 5 to 70. The set is beautiful, and we kind of transport people in the story and when you’re looking at the set, the set actually tells the story.”

• What: “Arabian Nights”

• When: 2 p.m. Today and 8 p.m. Thursday though Saturday; Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m.

• Where: The Duluth New Dawn Theater Company

• For more information: Call 678-887-5015 or visit www.newdawntheatercompany.com

“Arabian Nights” is the story of a girl named Scheherazade who marries a murderous royal sultan and tells him stories every night to keep him interested and prevent her execution.

The sultan, whose original wife left him, had become a bitter old man who would marry a town maiden for a day and have her killed the next morning for pleasure.

“It’s something that isn’t done a lot,” Ingbritsen said. “There is different ways of telling the story of Scheherazade, but this is not a musical even though there is music and some dancing. It’s not really a musical; it’s a fantasy and with everything going on today, people just want to be transported into something different. They don’t want to have to worry and have something that's going to be too emotional or, in the summer time, they want it to be light hearted and it’s very family friendly, so you can ring small children all the way up to the oldest of senior citizens because its happy for everybody and its just a great story.”