LETTERS: Stop spending money on things we don't need

I was very disappointed to read the article about the pedestrian bridge on U.S. Highway 78. It is a another typical example of government spending that sickens me every day I drive by and see absolutely no one walking on it. Who in their right mind is going to walk from Park Place to Snellville as the article suggested? I have almost never seen anyone walking down the sidewalks as there is no bus stop, and I’ll be shocked to ever see someone sitting on the bench across the street under the lamppost.

The people at Evermore, Charlotte Nash and the mayor of Snellville are clueless about what our country needs. When I discovered that $357,000 of federal money was used to build the bridge, I thought about how disconnected these people are to real-life budgets. I understand it was the CID that voted for and paid a large part of it, but when it comes to my federal/county taxes being used, can we please stop?

We do not need any more walking trails and bike paths when our country is broke. When a family is trying to reduce debt, they don’t go on vacation. We can walk in our neighborhoods, local parks, Stone Mountain Park for goodness sake or whatever. But please stop spending my money on things that are not necessary. My daughter and her children will have to pay for it! I wonder how many other projects have been done, or are being planned, while we are trillions of dollars in debt. Absolutely ridiculous.

— Jennifer Smith