Customers victims of fraud after bank info stolen

Photo by Jason Braverman

Photo by Jason Braverman

NORCROSS -- Officials at a Norcross-based bank stressed Friday that, despite account holders falling victim to fraud in recent days, their own systems have not been compromised.

Approximately 100 members of Associated Credit Union have experienced fraudulent transactions in their checking accounts recently, bank spokeswoman Callie Calderbank said. The transactions are believed to be the result of thieves accessing check and ATM card information through a separate processing company before making new, fake cards using that information, she said.

The cards are then illegally sold throughout the country.

"Thieves have accessed card information from a company which processes transactions for merchants," Calderbank said. "It has absolutely not been through our account information or our computer system."

Bank officials did not have specific details about the fraudulent transactions, but did say any such losses would be reimbursed to ACU members. The 100 or so victims represent a small portion of the bank's approximately 55,000 checking accounts.

The source of the breach had not been specifically identified Friday. Meanwhile, the bank has placed restrictions on ATM withdrawals.

Associated Credit Union has a fraud monitoring line that will call users to verify suspicious transactions. That number will show up as 1-866-890-7787 on caller IDs.

Officials stressed the importance of checking online and mobile banking accounts at least once daily to make sure there is no suspicious activity. Keeping account contact information like cell phone numbers and email addresses up-to-date is also important, Calderbank said.

Any ACU member that believes they may be a victim of fraud is asked to call the bank's main Norcross office at 770-448-8200.

Calderbank repeatedly stressed that the bank's security itself has not been breached.

"We are one of many credit unions and banks across the country that are dealing with this issue," she said.