Renovated sewage plant begins operation

LILBURN -- An expanded and rebuilt sewage plant will allow the county to shut down six smaller, older plants.

Staffers were began operations this week at the new $277 million wastewater treatment plant along the Yellow River, located on the same site off Tom Smith Road as the older Lilburn-Lawrenceville area plant.

"The new Yellow River Water Reclamation Facility uses membrane bio-reactor technology and is the first of its kind in Gwinnett," Acting Water Resources Director Lynn Smarr said. "The technology has been around for several years, but we let others pilot the technology until we were sure it was cost effective and would meet our state and federal permit requirements."

The technology replaces the 1970s equipment at the site and expands the plant from a capacity of 12 million gallons per day to 22 million gallons per day.

The new administrative building was built to green standards, and the plant is expected to not only be less costly to operate but also reduce the amount of pollutants going into the Yellow River, a press release said.

In addition to the old plant at that site, the county will close facilities along Big Haynes Creek, Jacks Creek, No Business Creek, Beaver Ruin and Jackson Creek.