PEOPLE: La Toya writes of brother's death in book

La Toya writes of brother's death in book

NEW YORK -- La Toya Jackson writes in her new book ''Starting Over'' that the first question that ran through her mind after she learned of her brother's death was, ''Who killed Michael?''

The book is scheduled to go on sale next week, two years after the pop star's death of a sedative overdose. Dr. Conrad Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, and trial is set for September.

La Toya Jackson says her brother often predicted he would be killed over his estate and music publishing catalog.

She also says she learned a lot about Michael's well-being in the days before his death. His daughter Paris told her that ''Daddy was always cold'' and that ''he would always cry.''

La Toya Jackson writes that she confronted Murray in the hospital shortly after her brother was pronounced dead to find out what happened and that he gave her only ''evasion and excuses.''

NY library buys Leary papers

NEW YORK -- The New York Public Library announced Thursday that it has acquired the papers of LSD guru Timothy Leary, who coined the phrase ''turn on, tune in, drop out.''

The 335 boxes of papers, videotapes, photographs and other Leary artifacts will provide scholars with access to one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, library officials said.

Leary was a Harvard psychology lecturer who became notorious for advocating the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs including LSD.

Gaga's meat dress going to Hall of Fame

CLEVELAND -- Lady Gaga made history at last year's MTV Video Music Awards when she turned butcher's cuts into high fashion.

On Thursday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland unveiled the singer's raw-meat dress to the public. The dress -- made of layers of Argentinian beef -- was kept in a meat locker, placed in a vat of chemicals and then dried out by taxidermists in California before being transported to the museum.