BOE waives promotion requirements for 204 students

SUWANEE -- The Gwinnett County Board of Education waived local promotion requirements for 204 students who passed their classes but failed the district's Gateway tests.

The annual Assessment Review Procedure is immediately initiated for elementary and middle school students who did not do as well as would be expected on the tests, based on their classroom grades.

Of the 46,082 students required to meet the local promotion requirements, 316 met the criteria for the review, according to a news release.

To earn promotion to the next grade, Gwinnett's fourth and seventh graders must pass each section of the state's Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, while students in fifth and eighth grades must pass the Georgia Writing Assessment.

The state only requires third-graders to pass the reading portion of the CRCT and fifth- and eighth- graders to pass the reading and math portions of the CRCT to be promoted.

Each assessment review was conducted by a committee of teachers, principals and central office administrators, the news release states. In addition to reviewing each student's test scores, the committee examined each student's classroom performance as documented by the child's teachers. Members also evaluated each student's standardized test data, writing standards, other assessment information and evidence of any extenuating circumstances -- such as an illness or death in the family -- provided by the parents.

The committee members then recommended one of three actions for each student: waive passage of the Gateway and promote to the next grade; waive passage of the Gateway, promote to the next grade, but recommend summer school; or do not waive passage of this year's Gateway, recommend summer school and require Gateway retake and passage for promotion.

Of the 204 students who were promoted without having to pass the Gateway, district officials recommended that 136 of them attend summer school, which begins Monday.

The recommendations approved by the board will also require 112 students to retake the tests. It is also highly recommended that they attend summer school, the news release states.

Summer school runs from Monday through July 14, with no Friday classes and a holiday on July 4. Retests for students needing to meet state or local promotion requirements will take place between July 6 and 13.