LETTERS: Robinson needs to get his own facts straight

What a hypocrite is columnist Eugene Robinson. He wails that “You’re not entitled to your own facts, Sarah” in his attack on Sarah Palin for what he miscasts as Palin’s description of Paul Revere’s ride. Whether you agree with Palin’s interpretation, she cannot be termed wrong on this matter. Eugene Robinson is certainly not by any stretch of the imagination the one to tell someone else not to make up their own facts. Robinson routinely makes up his own “facts.”

Just a few columns ago, Robinson literally screamed that the Civil War was about slavery and nothing else. He would have us believe that millions of northerners and Southerners fought each other for four long bloody years solely over this cause and not for any other reason. Robinson has consistently refused to acknowledge anything but slavery as THE cause of the War Between The States.

I wish to inform tell Mr. Eugene Robinson that he may be entitled to his own prejudiced opinion, but he is not entitled to make up his own facts. His bigotry simply drips from his columns and I cannot but wonder why the Gwinnett Daily Post even carries his racist rants.

— Ernest Wade