Suwanee to begin open house series

SUWANEE -- The city of Suwanee will soon begin an ambitious five-week "community conversation" aimed at helping shape the city's vision for the next decade.

Kicking off June 23 with a "visioning happy hour," the series of open houses, meetings and small-group discussions will give residents plenty of opportunities to shape Suwanee's vision and plans for the years leading up to 2020.

"We want this to be an exciting process," assistant to the city manager Jessica Roth said. "We want to generate widespread participation from the community. By extending the open house over five weeks, there's no excuse for anyone not to come and participate."

"We hope that every single community member stops in."

The June 23 happy hour will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. at 3930 Charleston Market St. in Town Center. Following that open house and through July 28, residents are welcomed to drop in at the same location to offer input, participate in visioning exercises and learn more about the strategic plan.

Residents can also volunteer to take part in small group conversations.

Visit www.suwanee.com to learn more or for a schedule of open house events.

"This isn't just an exercise or a game," Scott Page, the founding principal of Interface Studio, wrote in the city's newsletter.

"Suwanee's 20/20 Vision is a community-driven strategic plan for the next decade. It will seek to capture the hopes and dreams of Suwanee's residents in order to develop specific strategies and action steps that can help the vision become reality."