LETTERS: Laws are what civilized nations depend upon

Esther Cepeda’s column continues her illogical support for illegal aliens. This time, she is encouraging us to believe they are not criminals. Cepeda can write all the columns she wants, but it doesn't change the facts.

The definition of illegal means breaking a law, and if a law is broken, you have committed a crime, and if you have committed a crime, you pay the penalty under the law. You cannot get more American than that.

Having traveled the globe, the rule of law is what separates civilized nations from those countries in disarray. Legal residents in America who commit crimes have civil rights. Illegal aliens are afforded human rights, but they are not entitled to civil rights, as they are not citizens. Sorry, Esther, it is that simple.

Now if we collectively do not agree with our illegal immigration laws, let us open the dialogue as to if we will change them and how. In the meantime, we should not allow the laws of our great nation to be ignored.

— Mike Puckett