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Bomb threat evacuates Gwinnett high school April 24, 2014


Loganville police officer promoted to major

LOGANVILLE -- City Manager Bill Jones and Police Chief Mike McHugh surprised a Loganville police officer Thursday with a promotion from captain to major. Greg Warnack, a long-time officer with the city and for McHugh, was on hand as usual during Thursday's City Council meeting. Jones publicly thanked Warnack for his devotion and service to the city, then turned the podium over to McHugh.

"He's always gone far and above anything I've ever asked him to do," McHugh said of Warnack. "He's an integral part of my command staff."

Warnack thanked McHugh and the city for the advancement opportunities he has had over the years, adding, "It if wasn't for the guys who work for me on the road, I wouldn't be standing up here."

City to exercise eminent domain

Karen Woodward, Loganville's city attorney, presented a resolution to vice mayor Jerry Price and council members, calling for the city to exercise its right of eminent domain with regard to Braswell Cemetery on U.S. Highway 78. According to Woodward, the last burial in that cemetery was in 1938. Some graves date back to 1850, possibly earlier.

The city plans to protect and preserve the cemetery, which has fallen into neglect and disrepair.