Arrests made after undercover buy of stolen speakers

WINDER -- A trio of juveniles accused in a long string of entering auto incidents was arrested following an undercover buy with Winder police, officials said.

Winder Police Department officers were turned on to the suspects when they uncovered as many as 40 crimes involving breaking into vehicles in recent weeks, spokesman Officer Chris Cooper said. After one man filed a report regarding a pair of stereo amplifiers stolen from his vehicle, undercover officers were able to set up a buy with the three juveniles, "purchasing" speakers matching the description of those stolen.

The juveniles were taken into custody when they allegedly arrived at the buy with the stolen speakers, officials said.

"Upon being questioned by police, the juveniles admitted to being involved in 30 to 40 total enter autos," Cooper said, "but stated that they only took things from approximately 20 of the vehicles they entered."

The suspects, who had brass knuckles at the time of their arrest, reportedly told police that they had planned to "attack the undercover officer and rob him of the money he agreed to pay them for the audio equipment."

Later executing search warrants at homes located on West Midland Avenue and East Wright Street in Winder, officers seized "many" items suspected of being stolen, Cooper said.

Three adults were also arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property during the searches.

Winder police are seeking the rightful owners of property left unclaimed. Anyone who believes they might be a victim is asked to call Investigator Gregg Teatino at 770-867-2156.