Aurora spooks with ghost tours

LAWRENCEVILLE --The Aurora Theatre is organizing spooky ghost tours of the downtown square every Friday and Saturday through September and every night in October. This is the seventh straight year that the theater has hosted the tours.

The tours begin at the Aurora Theatre as the sun sets at 8:30 p.m. and guides walk people around the downtown square.

Professional storytellers entertain guests with spooky tales from local legends and paranormal investigations as they showcase "haunted places" like the old jail.

"It's all interesting stuff. It's all local history," said Al Stilo, director of sales and marketingfor the Aurora Theatre.

Stilo said the Aurora Theatre's tours use storytellers and paranormal research to entertain an audience on the history and supernatural events in Lawrenceville.

"We take the information from paranormal researches and we incorporate it into entertainment; some legends, some facts, some good old-fashioned Southern stories, and then we have other information," Stilo said. "It's always morphing."

The theater doesn't enhance its tours with technology and it doesn't involve "haunted house" antics, fictional characters or purposeful startling.

"What really creeps people out is that when you go inside the jail, and it's been preserved since the 1800s, and you hear the story of what happened there, and you see in the wall where the person has clearly chipped away trying to escape, you get a better understanding that this was a person, and that there is a haunting associated with this person's unjust demise and treatment," Stilo said.