LETTERS: State title games deserve a site worthy of champs

I hope Will Hammock’s column (“Championship venues needed for high school baseball,” June 2, Page 1B) gets into the hands of the appropriate Georgia High School Association personnel.

I was at the Hebron-Providence championship games. I arrived more than an hour early and got one of the last “somewhat unobstructed” views near home plate. Even though I was in front of the bleachers in the second row of camp chairs, a lady in the first row had to tell us the results of anything hit down the right-field line because the concrete dugout (relative term as it is on ground level) was right beside us. People who did not arrive at least an hour early didn’t see much of the game. There was talk of moving the game to Coolray Field since Hebron’s field doesn’t have lights, but it didn’t happen.

Another thing to consider in moving to a venue like Coolray or a college field is how it would potentially affect the outcome of the game — not in terms of home field advantage, but in terms of the size of the field. There were quite a few home runs by both Hebron and Providence that probably would not have gone out at Coolray because the fences are 15 to 30 feet deeper around the park. However, since both teams would face the same obstacles, it would seem to be a fair move for the teams, and a much better setup for the fans.

— Randy Harris