Credit card 'skimmer' sought

Photo by Jason Braverman

Photo by Jason Braverman

NORCROSS -- Police are looking for a tech-savvy credit card fraudster who may have stolen financial information from shoppers near The Forum outdoor mall in Norcross.

Norcross police have received two credit card fraud complaints from victims who reported using their cards near The Forum just before fraudulent charges appeared.

Video pulled from various locations indicates the same individual is using the stolen credit card numbers. Other victims have been targeted outside Gwinnett County, said Norcross police Detective Beverly Parnell.

Fraudulent transactions in Gwinnett occurred between April 29 and May 30, primarily at big-box stores like Home Depot and Walmart in Duluth, Norcross and Lawrenceville. Total fraudulent charges to both cards in Gwinnett were $1,402.

"There are additional charges that are not included in this total dollar amount from other counties," Parnell said.

Norcross police records label the case as "credit card skimming."

Skimmers are devices with slits that collect data from charge cards. Thieves then use that data to make fraudulent purchases.

Other Gwinnett cases in recent years have seen skimmers attached to gas pumps and ATM machines. Some local cases involved handheld skimmers smaller than cell phones, used by unscrupulous cashiers when customers weren't looking.

Norcross police worked a case last year with 500 card holders who were bilked of about $100,000.