'Come Fly Away' brings songs of Sinatra to Atlanta

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

Broadway's new musical "Come Fly Away" will be at the Fox Theatre from Tuesday through Aug. 7 and will feature musical arrangements by Frank Sinatra.

"Come Fly Away," directed by Tony-Award winner Twyla Tharp, follows four couples as they fall in and out of love during one song and dance filled evening at a crowded night club for a musical fantasy of romance and seduction, a release said.

The musical blends Frank Sinatra classics including "Fly Me To the Moon," "My Way" and "That's Life" with a live on-stage big band and 14 dancers.

"I think what makes this production stand out, it's very rare," said Ron Todorowski, who plays Marty and is one of the principal dancers. "Twyla Tharp is one of the few directors, choreographers that really knows how to put dance in the front line in the theatrical setting. The story is told through dance; there is no dialogue. The dialogue is the movement and the choreography, and that's rare in musical theater. You don't see that very often and really, the choreography is so powerful and so exciting."

"Come Fly Away" premiered at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta in September 2009 and opened on Broadway in March 2010. Todorowski, who has been a cast member for two years, said it has been exciting to see the musical grow in popularity.

Todorowski believes the production excites audiences because it offers a different theatrical flavor that people scarcely encounter in musical theater.

"It's just a different way of expression," Todorowski said. "Like, dance is its own art form in that way. I think it's very powerful to see dancers convey a story and have attention, and I just think it's very powerful. The audiences walk away with a very strong burst of energy (after) an hour and a half. There is definitely the athleticism aspect of dancing that I think is different from going to see a straight play or other musicals. This is (a production with) world-class dancers and world-class choreography and it's just very exciting."

Despite the aggressive rehearsals, Todorowski said the cast is eager to share the production with Atlanta's audience. He believes the audience will be captivated by the cast's talent and passion.

Tickets, which range from $30 to $80, are available at www.theatreofthestars.com.