Snellville official: City had a 'good year'

SNELLVILLE -- City manager Russell Treadway presented the year-end financial report to mayor Jerry Oberholtzer and city council members Monday evening, showing $697,000 was added to the general fund balance.

According to Treadway, the surplus in the general fund is the direct result of determined efforts by department heads and city staff to curb expenses this past fiscal year.

Treadway was pleased to point out that, even in a weak economy, the city is "getting better and we're on our way."

Not everyone saw it that way, as councilman Tom Witts expressed when Treadway finished his presentation. According to Witts a surplus in the general fund "was not the reason we raised taxes last year."

Mayor pro tem Barbara Bender expressed a similar view, adding that having knowledge of the amount of the surplus at the last council meeting would have helped city leaders make a clear decision with regard to next year's millage rate.

Council woman Kelly Kautz said following Witts' and Bender's comments that Treadway should be commended for his work on corralling city expenses.

A special called council meeting has been scheduled for Monday to determine the 2012 millage rate.

Conditional-use permit granted to church

A conditional-use permit was granted to Jerusalem Baptist Church on Monday evening, paving the way for church leaders to double the size of the existing structure at 1958 Dogwood Road to accommodate more members.

Area neighbors were notified, but with the exception of one who expressed concern about possible increased noise, no objections were raised. No residents spoke in opposition to the expansion during Monday's council meeting, and the permit was granted.

Snellville voters will decide Sunday package sales issue in November

By unanimous vote, council members agreed to call for a special election Nov. 8 on Sunday package sales. According to Oberholtzer, voters will decide whether to allow Sunday package sales at retailers such as Kroger and Publix, as there are no liquor stores within the city limits.

Oberholtzer added Monday that he will present an ordinance next month that will go into effect as soon as the matter is decided in November.