Sugar Hill welcomes World Changers

SUGAR HILL — This week, Sugar Hill will welcome young volunteers from World Changers who will be working on residents’ homes.

This is their second year working in Sugar Hill, and this year they will be building handicap ramps, painting homes, rebuilding roofs, and replacing rotted siding for low-income families who can not keep up with their homes. Their efforts have been funded by the Sugar Hill Housing Authority.

World Changers is a group of young adults who pay their way to cities across the United States to help needy resident with their homes.

Don Kelemen, community relations director of the city of Sugar Hill, said the program has been running for 20 years under the Southern Baptist Outreach program and he is glad that it decided to help out again this year.

“It’s a neat thing, these kids raise money to come and do this,” Kelemen said. “It’s something that they find rewarding and the people they help are really blessed by the whole thing. Everybody wins.”

Kelemen said it has been a good partnership with World Changers because they have helped to improve the life of the community.

“It’s unfortunate that you live in a community but there is suffering going on,” he said. “It’s wonderful that the World Changers can help with this.”